Judging me by my books

Now that the house is ready to show, I look around and wonder what someone would presume about me after peeking into our lives for a few minutes (and hopefully not rooting around in drawers and closets). Look what's on my bookshelf next to my bed:

-How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurship and the Power of New Ideas (Bornstein): Because I really do want to change the world. Really. But at the end of the day, I'm just too tired and settle for reading about Other People changing the world.

-Living a Life that Matters (Kushner): See above.

-Pride and Prejudice (Austen): Nothing beats a good Darcy and Elizabeth dose now and then.

-Infant Assessment (Wyly): Work/school seeping into the bedroom. Sorry, Greg.

-The Rough Guide to Guatemala: Possible project in Guatemala...also, armchair traveler. I'm happiest when I have a trip brewing.

-The Artist's Way (Cameron): This book actually points its finger and tsks me from time to time. I should be following my creative dreams more. Sigh.

-Banker to the Poor: Muhammad Yunus: Love reading about cool ideas, inspired people. I've loved Yunus for years and was thrilled when he got the Nobel Peace Prize this year.

-The Emporer's Children (Messud): Half-way read novel. It's received great reviews but I've been slogging through it. It's not the author, it's me.

-Write Away (George): Advice for writing mysteries. Don't know why, except I like mysteries and would love to write a novel.

-Madame Secretary (Albright): Autobio of Madeleine Albright I got for Christmas a few years ago. Her story appeals to me, how she followed her interests, got her PhD in her 30s, tried to make the world a little better. No matter what your politics, you have to respect the effort.

-The Silent Boy (Lowry): I think one of my kids left this in here by mistake. I do love children's lit, including Lowry's writings. Check out her blog: http://loislowry.typepad.com/lowry_updates/

-The Little Lady Agency (Browne): library book. I love brit chick lit. I think there was a little slip-up when I wasn't born British. But nevermind, I'll read about it instead and live vicariously!

So I have no idea what my bookshelf says about me, except that I live vicariously and am a bit eclectic. And you knew that already, didn't you? What's on your bookshelf?