Romper, stomper, bomper, boo...

Tell me, tell me, tell me do
Magic mirror, tell me today
Did all my friends have fun at play?

Remember that? When I watched Romper Room, I would kneel inches away from our 1970's big square tv, hopinghopinghoping that Miss Julie would see me and say my name. Unfortunately, Annie wasn't that common and it was never to be. But still. I got close to that screen so she could see me through her magic mirror, just in case.

So, is it just me or does Katie Couric think she sees through the t.v. set, too? I like her as much as the next gal but I'm a little bewildered when she ends her broadcast "hope to see you here tomorrow." See? Me? Maybe she could start calling out random names, too: "I hope to see Simon and Linda and Margaret...[and Annie!please?]". I'm just saying.