Solo cinema

It's not a secret that I love movies. Love watching them but also love the big screen cinema experience. A bunch of strangers in a room going through the same story and emotions at the same time...I. love. it. With the added bliss of popcorn and junior mints, too. Ever since my favorite movie friend moved away, I've even been indulging in a little mid-day cinema therapy by myself now and then.

At first it felt kind of strange to park in the lot and walk up to the box office alone: "One ticket for...." (And the first time it actually required a pep talk phone call from my brother. I called to see if I was crazy. He said no, so I went.) But I love feels decadent and indulgent which is just what I need now and then! I always come home feeling recharged and alive, marveling and envious at the creativity and artistry that is cinema (usually--not always so creative or artistic--there are clunkers).

One snowy afternoon in Harvard Square, I sat in the semi-darkened theater with 6 strangers--all of us solo. Something happened to the projector so we sat there for about 15 minutes, chatting and (since most of them were retirees) reminiscing about those classic grand cinema theaters and memories of bygone movie prices. One guy remembered that his mom would get a plate or a dish each time she came to the movies as some kind of promotion. Sometimes if she didn't like the movie, she would send him to pay the 5 cent admission and buy the dish since it was such a good deal.

It's still a good deal for me...much cheaper than therapy or other expensive habits. Just a little movie outing now and it too much to ask? Guilt free?