Productive Neglect

Tonight I am knee-deep in productive neglect. A term coined by my g-grandma Brockbank but a concept practiced by humans all over the world (or at least the ones I know), productive neglect means being fantastically dedicated to every other task except the one you are supposed to be doing. Take now, for instance. I am supposed to be readying our house for our realtor to photograph tomorrow morning, since the house goes on the market this week. The to-do list involved in this undertaking is exhaustive and exhausting: repaint patches of dirty wall, clean the floors, put away all evidence of clutter or that anyone actually lives and eats and breaths here, let alone five tidy-challenged people. Instead, I am suddenly overcome with the compulsion to blog. Nevermind that I haven't posted in almost two months or that there are only two existing posts on this blog. Tonight I Must Blog. Same thing when I have a deadline for school. Suddenly ripping up the kitchen floor to find out what's underneath becomes monumentally important. But..but! At least something gets accomplished!

Can I pause to sing the praises to my new Mac laptop? I have named her Clementine and because I have found an unsecured wireless network to borrow (thanks, Stratford connection, whoever you are!) I am able to actually sit in bed and read and write and surf the net and even watch missed episodes of Friday Night Lights. I know, I know, welcome to the 21st century but I am a new convert to the wireless computer thing. Love it.