Back from globe trotting

saw this globe window display
in a travel bookstore in London
couldn't resist...

Ah, re-entry. She's a killer. I knew that when I got home I would have to pay the piper for my few days of getaway. I wasn't prepared for the gang of pipers demanding to be paid: growling, hunchbacked pipers each with their own agendas (no, I'm not referring to my kids; they have been very welcoming). I need to throw those piper gangsters some symbolic good-will offerings, pull the covers over my head, and wake up on Sunday.

I won't belabor the trip details any more; thanks for being patient with my travelogue and virtual slideshow (although I might still slip a few photos in here and there). I'm happy to have my trip fix for a while; I'm a great believer in getting away with your sweetheart and remembering how much you like each other. {Thanks, Greg, for a great birthday.}