Embarrassing, shmembarrassing

This afternoon on the way home from church we had the perfect convergence of peak autumn color, crisp clear autumn weather, and beautiful scenery (plus, as a bonus Sibelius's Finlandia was playing on the radio, a favorite). I happened to have my camera with me in the car so I pulled over for a quick photo op to document it. {I need these moments recorded for the long dreary months of January, February, March, April, and (yes, in Boston), even May. Otherwise I can't be responsible for my winter blues behavior.}

The peanut gallery was a bit reluctant.

"What?! We're in our Sunday clothes!" Yes, and don't you look nice!
"What if someone sees us?" Right...no one else ever takes pictures of fall foliage around here.
"Where will we take the picture? There's no where to sit" How about that rock wall?

In the 1.5 minutes it took me to snap 3 photos, all three begged me to hurry, paranoid that each passing car held mockers intent on pointing and laughing, and generally made me promise never to abuse them in that way again. On the bright side, they were united in their opinion that Moms can be so embarrassing.

Of course, they never ever embarrass themselves on their own...

These photos were taken a matter of mere hours later
Maddy and Sam were digging through
the Halloween box
& found great joy in
combining several costumes

Remind me again what was so embarrassing
about sitting on a wall?