Help! I'm reading and I can't stop....

As part of my TA role for a personal/social psychology class, I get to grade papers, which I actually enjoy. The first assignment is to select a book from a list provided (mostly memoirs), read it, and analyze the character from a theoretical viewpoint. Great assignment, right? More fun than just a research paper summarizing theory and research, don't you think?

That was my first reaction. Then it started to dawn on me what this meant for me. Hmmm. How many books are on that list, anyway? Thirteen, you say? Just for clarification purposes, do you think the TAs need to read the books in order to grade the papers? I thought so, that makes sense. Oh, no, will be addition to my coursework...and research work...not to mention my real life that starts when my kids get home from read half of the books this week. Gulp.

Whee! Nothing like mandatory, concentrated, deadline-looming reading to take all the joy out of my usual enthusiasm for reading. On the other hand, I'm getting paid for reading, which feels a lot decadent and a little unethical! But does anyone know any antidotes to serious binge reading?