It's official, I'm turning into a witch

Today I realized that my gradual metamorphosis to an honest-to-goodness witch is almost complete.

  • Behold my frequent black apparel (minus pointy hat). I also like green.
  • My laugh turns heads. Often people tell me "I knew you were here when I heard your laugh." My kids have been known to shush me. It's not necessarily a cackle but it might as well be, given my kids' reaction.
  • I have dark brooding eyebrows. I'm one of those people whose eyebrows are way darker than my hair (even not counting the highlights), making me quite witchy-poo (remember HR Puffenstuff anyone?)
  • I am turning into a night owl (okay, that's probably more vampirish...). I'm less and less of a morning person with each passing day. We host early morning seminary here at 6 a.m. (for Lauren and others but I'm not the teacher) and at first I was up and showered. Then I was up but not showered. Next I slipped to staying in bed just a little bit longer until it was time to wake up Maddy. Then Maddy started setting her own alarm. Now I'm still in bed when Lauren comes in to say goodbye at 7. This is not good since the rest of the kids and I typically leave at 7:30. Similar slippage is happening on the night end of my day, where I keep staying up later and later. Pasty skin and bloodshot eyes cannot be far behind.
  • I have moments where I'm sure my grumpiness would grant me automatic admission into the International Witches other portfolio or application necessary. To their credit, my kids have never actually said I was a witch in these moments but they might be thinking it, I know I am.
  • You know how witches in good standing have that one rogue hair growing out of the mole on their nose or chin? I have that, or at least I did {horror shiver}. This is not acceptable. One day I was driving and glanced in the rear view mirror. The light was hitting my face just perfectly to spotlight a long, eyelashlike hair coming out of my chin. Seriously? No one thought to say "um, there's a big long hair growing from your face"? This was not a look I was going for. Consider this permission to tell me, world. Also? I'm way too young to have this can only be my burgeoning witchhood, right?
~In other breaking Halloween news~

Tonight we finally carved pumpkins.
Lauren won a prize for her queen costume
at a stake dance last weekend
(hadn't they ever seen a Target costume before?)
We got ghosted twice on one night
{before we could put up the ghost on our door}
I have to admit we only ghosted
two families instead of four
We are the broken link
for one of the ghosty chains.

Happy Haunting tomorrow!