Quick slice of the Big Apple

I just spent a quick-but-wonderful weekend with friends in NYC

One new (to me) friend: thanks for joining us for an afternoon, Gabi
Two days of eating/talking/walking {repeated many times}
Three people in a room with one bed
(thanks, Sheraton rollaway bed, for saving the day)

Four bloggers among us: me, Stie, Emily, and Gabi
(we're trying to convert the other 2)
Five nice husbands holding down the forts at home
(with frequent calls and text messages)
Six hours of sleep the first night
(we are overachievers in the chatting department)

Other statistics:
~Number of children between the six of us: 24
~Surprise cost of our elegant brunch:
76 dollars per person
[correction: 90 with tip]
{yes, we only found that out after the food was safely
tucked away inside us. shhh. luckily husbands don't read blogs}.
~Number of Avon Breast Cancer Walkers
staying in our hotel: 2 million (or so it seemed)

Plus hundreds of laughs, several fake purses, one great musical (The Drowsy Chaperone), quality people watching, and a refilled tank until next time.
We missed you, though, Bridget!

Emily, Alyson, Sue, {me}, & Stie
Thanks, friends!