Thanksworthy this week...

Wellsville mountains in Cache Valley
  1. listening to Sam try to play the Indian Song on the recorder and piano simultaneously
  2. game nights with my people: my kids, husband, parents
  3. sharing the exhilaration of hiking to Castle Rock (as well as the less exalted whiny moments leading up to reaching the summit)
  4. mountains shrugging, surrounding this valley shoulder to shoulder
  5. wooden ball and cup toys & the addictive hours of fun they provide
  6. lazy days of hanging out, chatting, helping with the cooking, idly reading
  7. incubating (or, sometimes, actually hatching) new ideas
  8. catching up with old high school friends & picking up where we left off
  9. brief, gorgeous bursts of show-off snowflakes
  10. wide streets organized in grids
  11. Stephen Paulus' Pilgrims' Hymn
  12. caramel corn, chili, tortellini, and the anticipated Feast Day (oh, and Hires hamburgers when we landed in SLC...mmmmm)
  13. laughing, really hard
  14. playing flute-piano duets with Lauren
  15. Enchanted, Dan in Real Life, Amazing Race, Bee Movie...(hopefully more to come)
  16. Sam's casual, low key reporting that a crow flew down through the chimney and into the family room (good to know he's good under pressure)
  17. Maddy picking out songs on the harp
  18. reading aloud to each other
  19. adding entries to the Count Your Blessings jar
  20. thoughts of and long-distance thankfulness for my sibs: Matt, Nancy & Chris (we miss you!)
  21. blocking out any obligations or to-do items for a few days
Have a peaceful, joyous, blessed Thanksgiving...