My favorite things this year

Well, thought I, Oprah's not the only one with favorite things to recommend. I would love to be able to spring each of these on you, to hear your shrieks of joy as I announce....

"and you're all getting one!"

You would pretend to be all surprised each time but by the end you'd know before I said it. It's yours; bring it on. Instead, until my media empire comes to fruition, mine is more of a self-serve favorite things list and a chronicle of my year. These are the sights, sounds, and smells of 2007 for me.

I would love to hear about your favorite finds of this year so be sure to send me a note if you create one of your own.

{Drum roll, please}

My favorite things this year…

These tweezers: It's a bird, it's a, it''s Tweezerman! Painless.

Kiehl’s molding paste for hair: great for keeping my straight hair static free

TiVo*: okay, we got it a couple of years ago but I still adore it

Sufjan Stevens’s Christmas album

My new brown suede boots

This bookcase (recently ordered for my front room)

Jet Blue airlines (It's like the love child of Southwest and Virgin Atlantic...try the “most legroom” section)

Our Ikea Knappa light

My Keep calm and carry on poster (a good reminder and motto...I've seen it several places since, including on a t-shirt in London)

My MacBook (received for Christmas last year & named Clementine)

World globes grouped together

New York Sunday Times*

Trader Joe’s Grapefruit Camomile Sea Salt Body Scrub

YSL touché éclat concealer (already sang its praises here)

Once (again, read my previous gushing)

Nivea lip balm (nicely creamy)

Gap's Long and Lean jeans (make me feel both, although I'm neither)

Diet Coke* (especially the cute small bottles)

Subway veggie sub* (toasted. with provolone. Mmmm.)

Green olives (this is new! I used to hate them)

Visual Dictionary

Book favorites to come....

Now it's your turn!

*not new this year but still wonderful