A little more hometown love

I did a little happy dance when I opened my mailbox today and found my hometown of Logan, Utah, featured in the Sundance catalog.

My childhood growing-up home was a block and a half away from this theater in Logan's historic district. I saw so many classics of the 70s and 80s here. Amadeus. Short Circuit. The Hunt for Red October. Star Wars & ET (although those last two might have been around the corner at the other theater, the Capitol, which is now an Opera House. Yes, in Logan we have an Opera House. Because we are that kind of community, that's why.)

I miss these wide streets
(it would make driving in Boston much easier).
According to the catalog, this Citroen van is also for sale
for $29,000.
Truth be told, we don't really see that many of those
around Logan. Plus it's parked illegally.
By the way, as far as I know
(correct me here, Loganites)
Sundance Film Festival has never ever
held showings in Logan.
But it's a good idea, Robert Redford!

And if they did hold the Sundance Film Festival here,
I'm almost positive tickets would be
more than $5 for adults, $3 for children
as the sign above indicates.
Do they even let children in to the SFF?
{I love the art deco tile, though!}

l) view up Center Street to the mountains
c) these green seats are very uncomfortable
r) again, this marquee is just for show.
There should be an asterisk that leads you to this message:
To get to Sundance,
take a right at the corner, go 100 miles,
take a left at SLC, go 20 miles and
exit at Park City.

images scanned from the Sundance Catalog