A stretch of charmed luck

We're in DC this week for February break (don't be too jealous...the down side to this week of school vacation is we don't get out of school until almost Independence Day). For some reason we've hit a vortex of good fortune. We must look like the Clampetts freshly arrived in California because we are being treated like refreshing novelties everywhere we go. Apparently tourists are uncommon in mid-February (or we really do look like hicks or a traveling circus).

Our trip down here was not only uneventful but even enjoyable and shorter than we anticipated. We arrived and the hotel clerk upgraded us to a two-bedroom suite. The weather took a balmy turn the day we arrived...apparently the first time above freezing for 25 days...and it's in the 50s today. The lady at Krispy Kreme gave us 5 doughnuts for the price of 3 (this one particularly delighted M, who suggested we continue testing this generosity every few hours). The hotel provides not just breakfast but also dinner!

While I am enjoying this blessed good fortune, I can't help thinking--we are due a really nasty piece of bad fortune in the near future.