Silver linings...

Now that it's been over a week since my crushing disappointment, I'm ready to play a little game of "on the bright side." The deal on our dream house fell through last week and, ever since, I've been moping...slurping away at a bowl of pity soup with a garnish of poor me. But I'm done now. To prove it, here's a list of silver linings I've come up with:
- now we have disposable income again!
- we won't have to box up the whole household and move
- bigger houses are just more rooms to clean
- we can travel instead of paying a significantly higher mortgage
- we can pay for our kids to go to college instead of " " " "
- we can pretty much do lots of things instead of " " " "
- I can replace our hammered sofa
- who wants a beautiful turreted Queen Anne Victorian on a tree-lined village street, anyway?

Well, maybe I'm not completely over it yet.