I wish I....

- could play by ear or by heart
- lived down the street from my mom and dad
so they could be grandma and grandpa on a daily basis
- felt more comfortable in my bathing suit
- gave myself a chance to write that book I've always wanted to do
- threw more parties
- spoke Spanish
- didn't procrastinate so much
- felt more at ease at "functions"
- knew how to direct movies (and that someone gave me a chance)
- enjoyed exercise more
- kept in touch with more of my family and friends
- followed more of my spontaneous whims
- followed through on more kind thoughts/ideas
- could take my kids on a trip around the world
- knew the names of the constellations ( and could point them out)
- were several sizes smaller (see exercise wish. and bathing suit one.)
- always knew the right words to say

Some of these are on my resolution list, others on my do-before-I-die-list, others I'm not sure I'll ever check off.
What about you???