Small pleasures...

~Driving on a full tank of gas
~Seeing all the music students, near Berklee & NEC, carrying their instruments around the city
~Decorative paper napkins (thanks, Ikea!)
~Toast and hot chocolate
~Flannel sheets (can you tell it's cold here right now?)
~Hearing a voluntary "I love you!" each night from S as I walk down the hallway after tucking him in
~Talking to my brothers on the phone this week
~A big box of new pencils
~Listening to L play in a flute choir
~Watching 200 5th graders sing "I feel good!"
~CBS Sunday Morning show
~Filling out the NCAA basketball brackets for the family contest
~Friday night in general...the prospect of the whole weekend ahead!

As always, I'd love to hear from you! What are your small pleasures this week?