Small Pleasures

A few small pleasures that currently make my life a bit sunnier:

Elizabethtown: This movie got almost no attention when it first came out but I really loved it...quirky and, at times, a little cheesy but a good movie fix. Plus it has an excellent soundtrack: Patty Griffin, My Morning Jacket, Ryan Adams, and Wheat all under one tent. Just what I've been in the mood for this week.

Coca-cola cherry zero: My friend Trina introduced this to me when I visited her in DC last week. Since I am known to ask the patient movie concessions people to mix about an inch of cherry coke in with my diet coke order, I was intrigued to see how this measured up. Pretty well, I have to say. Give it a try if you are so inclined.

Friday Night Lights: I love this show about small town life in Texas, family relationships, coming of age and all that it entails. It's about so much more than football. The relationship between Eric and Tami Taylor (both superbly acted) is one of the best-written & acted marriages on tv. Last week's scene between Tami Taylor (Connie Britton) and her daughter Julie was spot on. All episodes can be streamed online here.

Boden catalog: This just makes me happy to look through. Flippy skirts and open-toed shoes...this British clothier knows how to do them right. Great kids clothes, too. Spring must be here. Or at least coming. (Right, Mr. Didn't-see-your-shadow-groundhog?)

Ticket to Ride Europe game: A new family favorite. We got this for Christmas from G's sister Debbie and have been on a Ticket to Ride kick ever since. The idea is to build railroads between certain cities in Europe (and block others' attempts to do the same). It's a little like Risk without the warfare and hurt feelings. Warning: can be kind of addicting.