The chips have fallen

You know how I said I took pleasure in not doing any work over spring break, let the chips fall where they may? Well, those chips have fallen. But it's not disastrous and I still feel refreshed and recharged from a week away from it all so no regrets.

I attended my department's student presentation day today, which is always inspiring and illuminating. One thing I LOVE about Tufts is the innovative, can-do spirit that everyone seems to embody. This year's presentations were really diverse, including a student-initiated Saturday community children's art program with fabulous results, an examination of teacher's concepts of play in preschools in El Salvador, a study of young Chinese fathers' parenting beliefs, a study of families who adopted children from China, a program helping with educational reform in Ghana...the list goes on and on. As I said, so inspiring and exciting to see all of these ideas put into practice. Sometimes it's overwhelming to look around the world and see so much need, so much to be done. And it's tempting to just say "it's too much...there's no way we can improve the way things are." But all it really takes is a person with an idea about how one small thing can work better. And another. And another. But enough of my schmaltzy idealism :).