Now where was I?.......

I'm back from a small blog vacation, brought about by a combination of busy lifeness and a case of the April blahs. In every other place I've lived, April is a sunny glimmer of spring--the cherry blossoms in Washington, DC, the greengreen parks of London, the pops of blossoms and daffodils in Utah.

But not New England.

Oh, no, Boston is a mite too reserved to blow its spring enthusiasm too early. And somehow I forget it EVERY YEAR and get all down and pouty around the first part of April. I take Boston's overlooking of the spring calendar PERSONALLY. So we're still all bare branches and grey skies and lonely little sad patches of dirty snow. Very late Novembery. Soon, I tell myself. Soon!

In the meantime, I am enjoying sights of spring on blogs, living vicariously until I get my own spring. I love the sight of brave blossoms standing up to the last blast of snow, of flamboyant dahlias in Australia, green grass, sun-and-daffodil-filled easter egg hunts, and blue-sky balloon photo shoots. A girl can dream!