Folding down corners

Every time I look through a magazine or catalog, I fold down the corner of the pages where I like things, sometimes even circling the item to remember later. Maybe everyone does you? It's silly how happy it makes me to tag something that might-maybe-somehow-perhaps-someday be mine, to identify that *this* appeals to me, *that* doesn't.

(Memory: When I was around 10, my friend Shelly and I used to go through the JCPenney catalog and pick something on each page as ours. There were many close-call tiffs when we each wanted the same thing. For some reason it was Against The Rules to choose the same thing, as if there were just one available and as if we were going to get anything at all. My kids used to do that with movie characters. While watching the movie, M would say "I'm Cinderella" and then L would say "No! I'M Cinderella...I'm older and I have blond hair" and back and forth. They ignored my suggestion that they could actually both be Cinderella since they weren't actually going to morph into her so it didn't matter anyway. That "calling" thing is powerful )

Anyway. This week I'm sorting through everything (in anticipation of our move on May 31!) and tossing the ridiculously many outdated magazines I currently own. I can't resist sneaking peeks at the folded down pages, though, just to see what I thought was cool and wantable in 1998. (Yes, I moved these magazines TWICE. This is the insanity that is me.) Suffice it to say I won't be needing those pages anymore.

The folded corner habit did work out well for me, though. One year for Christmas, everything G got me was so spot on, so perfectly matched to my unspoken wishlist that I was stunned. How did you know? I asked. I'm sure you've guessed by now. He took my pile of catalogs/magazines, opened to the folded corners, and ordered. I know, I know...he's a keeper, isn't he?