Our own little Freaky Friday week

Didn't you love the original Freaky Friday, the one with Jodie Foster and the 70's guy with the frizzy hair as Boris (trivia: did you know he later played Jimmy in Superman)? I remember being captivated by the idea of my mom having to negotiate the social minefield of junior high, but I was sure that I could handle being a mom. How hard could it be, right?

Greg and I exchanged roles this week in a kind of spousal twist on Freaky Friday. Because I've been in all-day training related to my research work for school, he has played my usual roles: getting the kids up, practicing violin with M, launching them off to their day of school, dashing off until 3, then dashing back home and jumping into the afternoon of homework, more practicing, driving to lessons/sports, getting dinner, answering messages, and doing a bit of cleaning or laundry for good measure.

I'll admit it...I hoped that he would emerge with a glimmer of appreciation for my doings, but I thought I would welcome a few days doing his side of things...you know, the glamorous working life? I ended up feeling in awe of what he does every day. The early up and out the door. The long commute. The L O N G day of concentrating and paying attention and sitting still and being with adults. The sameness of it all. The tiresome commute back and THEN the pasting of a smile on my face to greet the rest of the family at home and the busy evening ahead. Whew.

We both felt jetlagged with the novelty of it all.

So, here's to getting a change of pace and realizing I like my own life just fine, thank you very much.