Have you seen this girl?

5'4", blond wavy hair, contagious laugh, wandering the nation's capital with her 8th grade class. Possiblity of paralysis to the fingers, unable to dial the phone.

Apparently we forgot to tell L that part of the deal with leaving your parents for the first time is CALLING THEM to tell them you're okay. Luckily, we have heard reports from other parents that they are all fine and having a good time (wise folks who probably mentioned to their children the communication obligation that is the price of the trip) so we will not be initiating an Amber Alert just yet. Next time we'll attach a little Paddington-bear-like tag reading, "Please look after this girl. And remind her to call home now and then."

Or am I hovering a teeny bit too much?
[Edited later to say: she's home, safe and sound and chatty about the week's adventure :)]