I've caught myself in several moments of ridiculosity lately where I had to laugh at the absurdity:

-reading an article about how Ricki Lake lost so much weight while eating my lunch of pepperoni pizza (even more ridiculously, I felt strangely righteous as if reading about someone losing weight automatically makes ME healthier).

-shutting myself in the sunporch to do my finals on a beautiful spring day when my children wanted nothing more than my presence. Did I mention I'm studying child development? There's definitely a note of ridiculousness about neglecting my own children so I can do an advanced degree in child development.

-ditto Mother's Day. I hit a wall of exhaustion. Somewhere in the last week or two I've acquired the sleeping habits of a newborn, where my body wants me awake through the night but I crave sleep all day. So the Good Guy I'm married to took one look at me and insisted I head back to bed, where I stayed until 1 p.m. On second thought, that's not ridiculous...it's just fantastic...the best Mother's Day gift I needed. But it still felt strange not to do any mothering for most of the day.

-catching myself spending way too much time reading great writing on blogs when I'm moving in 12 days and should be packing like a maniac. You know how on the NPR show car talk they say at the end "well, you've wasted another hour listening to CarTalk..." That runs through my head as I surface from being online & realize that, yes, it really has been another hour. And those boxes ain't packin' themselves...