I swear this is true...

Have you ever heard the "urban legend" of the baby on the car roof? Impossible, right?

Well, no.

It really happened.

I know because it was my brother on top of the car. Yes, really. His recent post reminded me of this fantastic-but-true family story. I remember this so clearly: remember the lady's expression on her face at the intersection when she rolled down her window and yelled in that shrill, emotion-filled high pitch (she was near tears) "There's a baby on top of your car!!!" (In my mind, she is the one who started the urban legend by telling every one of her 589 acquaintances a slightly different version of this harrowing experience.) I was only 3 or so but these things stick with you.

I need to clarify that my parents were--and are--great parents. This was just One Of Those Things where there were too many people loading into more than one car and everyone assumed someone else had the baby. Ironically, my husband's family (also wonderful parents) left his youngest sister at a rest area in the desert. Didn't notice her missing until the kids in the camper (they were separated from communicating with the parents in the cab of the truck) held up a sign to the back window of the truck that said, "Where's Debbie?" 30 minutes later. Brakes were screeched, hands were trembling, hearts were frantic, and they returned to the rest area where Debbie was eating an ice cream and sitting on the curb. Just waiting.

It's nice to have these things in common, don't you think? (Especially since everything turned out okay...)