Take three rivers in the downtown of a mid-size east coast city. Add dozens of fire pyres hovering above the water and light them at sundown. Play haunting Gregorian chants (or Arvo Part, I think it was), soaring opera arias, and cool jazz riffs + pipe the music through countless speakers up and down the riverfront. Invite circus acts, dance bands, and strange freelance statue people to spice up the action. Plop several gondolas on the river, complete with Venetian gondoliers. Host crowds of people, and call it WaterFire.

Thank you, Providence and artist Barnaby Evans, for creating and supporting such a cool, magical tradition that treats all of the senses.

Greg and I first discovered WaterFire one October night a couple of years ago (though it's been around since the mid-90s). Ever since, we've wanted to take the kids and finally did last night. If you're ever in the area around any of the WaterFire dates, be sure to check it out.

As you walk under bridges, along the river, there are candlelit chandeliers
hanging from the ceilings...very Phantom of the Opera

I loved this picture that Maddy took of the tango band and dancers

Sam's goal of the evening was to get a flower from the mysterious masked boatman who was tossing them into the crowd. At the very end of our evening...success.