Gone to the pond...

...and here's why we love it:

1. Although it's only a couple of miles from our house, it feels like you're in the middle of the Vermont or Maine wilderness.

2. There's always a breeze off the pond, even on humid hot days like today.

3. Well, just look at it. It's pretty great: freshwater, sand, lifeguards. And, unlike the ocean beach (which we also love) it has shade.

4. We usually run into friends from school, making for a nice summer of carefree (read: lazy) socializing.

5. There's a dock in the middle that (if you pass the swim test) you can swim to and dive, sun, and play.

6. You're always welcome to join a rousing chorus of "Marco" (wait for it...) "Polo" or catch/keep away.

Maddy + Sam (l + r) with a friend

7. If you bring your net, you might catch a fish or a turtle (poor creatures).

8. Always good parent conversations, exchanging school hints about teachers, neighborhood tidbits, and suggestions for the age-old question: what are you fixing for dinner tonight? Some of these friendships go into hibernation every winter, to be revived each year at the pond.

9. Last but most surely not least, the ice cream truck comes three times a day. Let's hear it for ice cream sandwiches, neon green bottlerocket popsicles, creamsicles, and (my personal favorite) Dove bars. Happy Summer!