Here's one for the "he meant well" department

As I've mentioned before, we are currently in temporary housing. A major bonus is the twice-weekly maid service, since the furnished apartment is affiliated with a hotel/inn.

He: (noticing the fresh towels on the bathroom counter) Ahhh....when we get into our house is there a service you can get that does your linen every week?

Me: Um. Yeah. It's called a wife...I do your linen every week!

Admittedly my linen service is not nearly as consistent as the hotel's. And he was really thinking of relieving my own laundry burden when he said it. Still. It reminds me of my friend who always joked with her husband on laundry day saying "the laundry fairy has been here!" One week they were both really sick, unable to lift their heads from the pillow. At one point he said "Oh, I hope the laundry fairy shows up soon."
Finally she said "So you know I'm really the laundry fairy, right?"