Meet my new sofa

I know, not very neutral, is she?

I went into the store fully expecting to get a sofa that would get along with everything we already know, the plays-well-with-others type? But she caught my eye across the room, my heart fluttered, and I knew I had to bring her home. She reminds me of several sofas I have loved over the years: a wood-framed sofa with blue tapestry bolster cushions in my grandparents' cabin, another wood framed-one in their family room, and a blue and white loveseat in our sunporch growing up. (This one's actually black and white.)

Obviously this sofa is a prima donna and she will require the whole room to revolve around her; the paint color, the other furniture, the windows all will have to learn to get along with such a unique (dare I say flamboyant?) personality. But everyone needs a little funky, a little quirk, right? This will be ours. Hope I don't regret it...any ideas for the rest of the room are invited and welcome!

p.s. Just so you know, I did get neutral furniture for our family room. This is for the less-used library/front room, where the piano, many books, and Greg's upright bass will be.