Hopped up on Hopper

My mom's in town for a bit. After the necessary but grueling week where her hosts were preoccupied with packing, moving, and signing papers selling our house, she deserved a little more sightseeing than the walls of our temporary housing.

So this morning we headed in to the MFA for the Edward Hopper exhibit, which was fabulous. I first knew Hopper's Nighthawks from a board game we had growing up called (I think) Masterpiece. (I should check ebay to see if anyone still has that game--it was my first exposure to great art. Kind of an auction/buy/sell game). I think my parents also had an Edward Hopper book on our coffee table when I was young.

Anyway, I love his obsession with houses and secondary color and his capturing of the beauty of aloneness. Here are a few of my picks:

Rooms by the Sea

Room in New York

New York Restaurant

We also had a celebrity sighting: Victor Garber was there and we crossed paths with him many times (10?12?) throughout the exhibit, with us smiling and nodding politely as if we didn't know who he was and him nodding and smiling back as if he hadn't seen us whisper and twitter about spotting him. To me he is Sidney's father Jack from Alias but to my kids he is Daddy Warbucks. He's in town starring in a Noel Coward play. Just a little stardust to take home with us...