Bon voyage, mon frere!

My sister Nancy and Brother Chris in Philadelphia

We had a fantastic afternoon/evening together, walking the streets of historic Philadelphia and eating great Cuban food (thanks, Dad, for the recommendation). He's off. At the end there, other Peace Corps people were arriving and I could tell Chris just wanted to say his final goodbyes and be done already, ready to launch his new adventure. The old life and new life could only overlap for so long and then it was time. He's going to do great things but, boy, we'll miss him.

I made it back, safe and sound, early this morning. I did have a couple of those drowsy moments on the way home. You know the kind--where your eyes start trying to make little bargains with your brain that your body shouldn't keep {how about we just close for a couple of seconds. That would feel so good, wouldn't it? Just a couple of seconds?} but I wasn't falling for their flimsy logic.

I'm no good to anyone today, however. I'm whooped. Here's to having kids old enough to entertain themselves for a few hours...