Inspiring my decorating this time around

For months I've been collecting photos of interiors that inspire me (if I'm honest, I've been doing this for years + I had the mountains of magazines I recycled when we moved to prove it). I was sorting through them, deciding what paint colors to go with when I noticed a trend.

Gee, do you think I like white?

We decided to go ahead and try for a Scandinavian/modern country look (or as Greg calls it, warm Danish, which always triggers thoughts of flaky buttery goodness and makes me hungry) since our house has that cottage kind of feel, light with punches of color.

The painters came today and I think I'll love it. Hopefully. I'm sure I will. Actually I'm having a little paint choice remorse because, compared to the oranges and greens and deep mauve we inherited with the house, it's looking very light. I'm becoming the teensiest neurotic but then I go back to these photos and I know, once we hang pictures and the furniture finally comes, it will all work together.

And, if not, (she says cheerfully) we can always paint over it...I'm very fickle that way. What can I say? Like Fanny in Mansfield Park "I have no talent for certainty."