Poor girl

Today the world is conspiring to make her miserable.

~All her friends are on vacation or at camp
~ She misses our other house with the red dining room
~ Her older sister won't include her
~ Her older sister will never include her or ever have fun with her again
~ There's nothing to do
~ Dad still hasn't put up her new shelves
~ She predicts Dad will never put up her new shelves
~ Everyone else has a friend over
~ She hasn't been outside all day
~ She doesn't want to go outside
~ There's nothing on t.v.
~ It stinks to be the middle child in the family
~ Her sister treats her like a baby {are you sensing a sister theme here?}
~ Why doesn't anyone ask her to babysit for money?
~ She'll be 18 and no one will still ask her to babysit because she has an older sister and so people always want her first
~ Mosquitoes find her especially tasty.

Just one of those days where the only thing to do is to follow your mom around, flopping into chairs and sighing loudly, and make sure she knows how miserable you are.