Ireland calling

The story of a journey told in text messages sent home

* * * * * * *

[waiting for the plane just moments after saying goodbye]

her: yep im looking for an open seat, but there isn't one

her: Thanks. I love you too. Thx for the extra money. It can come in handy...

her: Should I tell the stewardess that i'm alone now? Or closer to the departure? And can i read till 6? i have my alarm set.

her: thx. Im really nervous. Im by myself for 8.5 hours!

her: yea. im a little ways from my gate but its the closest i could get.

her: i have another .5 hr to go. I'm saving my cheetos for the plane ride. I miss all of you too. Luv ya all.

her: My flight is delayed 10 min. URG!

her: I'm boarded now. Bye-bye america. My airplane is green!

her: thx. I'm missing it already...tear tear...Everyone on my flight is Irish! All I can hear is their accents. lol. I can hardly understand them.

her: Exactly. And i have no one next to me! Yea! I have window and aisle. Yea!

[the next day after arrival]
her: Yea! I have connection! its so pretty here! And I moved ducklings to a new nest while Sue
held the mommy!

her: I didn't fall asleep at all (well except for on the car ride here but that was only for 45 min and i really needed it) Yea! Goodnight everyone. Luv ya all.

[day two]
her: thank you so much for the note mom and maddy. They both cheered me up. i just woke up...oops! its 11:10 here. Big oops. luv to all

her: mom, do you know if kilometers are shorter or longer than miles? And how much shorter/longer?

her: just c-ing how long it is into the mini center of town. Sue has 2 km of trails behind here. Ive gotten a lot of good pics here. Can I call u at the end of every wk?

her: maybe sat, between 2-6:30 my time. Its so much fun here! Sue keeps me busy enough not to be homesick but not too much. There's so much to do!

[day three]
her: i was on a walk today and saw some pretty flowers
[day five]
her: good to talk to you too. But i really miss you.

her: and sometimes everyone forgets that i'm here. i thought we were going to go out tonight. But during dinner i guess they didn't want to go so we aren't going. But guess who was in her room all during dinner? and guess who they forgot to tell? Guess who was ready in her room waiting to go? me.

her: I hope so. Goodnight. I love and miss you, dad, maddy, and sam. Can you give them hugs from me?

[day six]
her: yeah, today has been a lot better. Some nights I just have a break down. Sue just drove me by a lot of pretty places. I'll show you the pics when I get back. Love ya.
[day eight]
her: urg! the guy across the hall from me and the girl right below me are dating and i can constantly hear them talking loudly. It's never quiet!
[day ten]
her: just the usual. there was a sheep parade today! I recorded it.
[day eleven]
her: i'm having a grand time. Ahh! I'm starting to pick up some irish terms. lol.
[day thirteen]
her: where will you pick me up tomorrow? and when?
[last day]
her: I'm waiting to board! Whew, the worst part is over.

her: I think we both cried. Still waiting...

her: I'm on the airplane! Good bye ireland. Bye aunt sue! Bye jack!

* * * * * * *
As you can see, she had a fabulous time filled with indelible memories and images and the normal ups and downs of a trip away from home. She has great stories, including being the novelty sight around a small Irish village, watching a nun fall in the mud, being approached by a group of cute Belgian boys her age who asked her to sign their arms (very good for the ego, that), caring for the animals on the farm, and simply exploring a new place with a lovely + loving hostess shepherding her. So glad she went, even more glad she's home. It was grrrrand.