Besame, besame mucho

There aren't many words available in my head right now. I'm over-saturated with information and images from my visit to the developmental clinic/hospital here where we're developing a training guide for staff and especially volunteers who come from many countries to help. No, I'll have to write about that later when I've sorted it out.

Tonight we went to a cafe that occasionally features a great Cuban jazz group, reputedly including some members from the Buena Vista Social Club. So the word-vacuum in my brain is filled with the rhythm and smoky voices of these phenomenal guys, whose voices must have been formed from cigar smoke and disappointed passion and...and...pure coolness. I can't get Besame Mucho out of my head.

I wish I could give you those sounds here tonight, instead of a few lines and a dim photo on this wish-you-were-here virtual postcard. But this is all I've got tonight.

But I really do wish you were here.