She wears short shorts

This is my brother Matt at a Fourth of July parade a few decades ago. The one with the attitude behind him is me--proof that, like Maddy, I also had a style all my own when I was about 11. It just wasn't as endearing or developed. {yeah, I the kneesocks. I always have loved red. And I can't get the "short shorts" Nair song out of my head when I see this photo.}

I am pretty sure that I have not exposed so much of myself in public again (and I cannot vouch for the coverage if the picture were taken from the back). Heck, I'm going swimming at the pond today with the kids and I won't show this much skin. I think it has something to do with the fact that my legs no longer look like this. Or I grew some inhibitions along the way. Probably both.

It makes me happy to think this Annie body is still in me somewhere, albeit buried beneath a few layers. Kind of like Michaelangelo's Awakening Captive sculpture (except female and much much less ideal). And that there's a bit of who-cares attitude in there as well.

I should probably tap into it more often. But I promise I won't wear this outfit, ever again.