Is there a spot more perfect for thinking philosophically about life that looking out the window of an airplane? Over the years I've made many realizations and decisions peering out over the clouds. There's something about that perspective...the ultimate big picture view...that helps me reprioritize and rearrange the furniture in my brain. (After I finish reading my stack of magazines, that is.)

On the plane early Monday morning, I was so excited to get home that I started unconsciously looping home-related songs through my mind (my ipod had long run out of power). Here's my own little playlist dedicated to home....what am I forgetting? I'd love to collect more....

  • Home (the Wiz soundtrack) "when I think of home, I think of a place where there's love overflowing..."
  • Listening to Otis Redding at Home During Christmas (Okkervil River) "home is where beds are made and butter is added to toast"
  • Lights will guide you home (Coldplay) "when you do your best but you can't succeed, when you get what you want but not what you need..."
  • Home (Depeche Mode) I don't know this one well but given my DM obsession as a 13-15 year old, I had to include it
  • Homeward bound (Simon + Garfunkel) "Every stranger's face reminds me that I long to be...homeward bound"
  • Long ride home (Patty Griffin) "I've had some time to think about you on the long ride home"
  • Take it with me (Tom Waits) Not technically a "home" song but the final stanzas of this song make me think of home...especially my mom: "Children are playing at the end of the day, Strangers are singing on our lawn It's got to be more than flesh and bone All that you've loved is all you own. In a land there's a town, and in that town there's a house. And in that house there's a woman. And in that woman there's a heart I love. I'm gonna take it with me when I go."