Adios Boston, Hola Antigua

Maddy and I are leaving Sunday for Antigua, Guatemala. I was invited by one of my professors to work on some child development projects there but first (minor detail...) I need to build my Spanish skills from practically non-existent to at least conversational.

So we're heading there for two weeks of immersed language study. As luck would have it, the town where my professor lives and where I'll be hopefully doing some work later just happens to have a concentration of highly respected and inexpensive language schools (here's a link to ours). So, with Greg's encouragement and a little blind audacity, we decided to give it a try.

{Moment of my nervous and excited dance. Think Snoopy but more scared.}

We'll be staying in the home of my professor and doing one-on-one Spanish classes every morning for 4 hours, then spending the afternoons and evenings exploring and trying out our blossoming linguistic abilities. It sounds like the school and the home where we're staying both have wireless internet so I hope to post semi-regularly while I'm there.

Although I've had my moments of nervousness, I'm getting really excited to try this and to take my spunky and sunny Maddy with me. That quiets the anxiety I have about whether I'll be able to learn Spanish, if Maddy will like it, if it will live up to my high hopes, if we'll be safe, if Maddy will eat the food, if my professor will get tired of having us there so long, etc., etc.

See you soon...

I came across a really cool site while I was researching Antigua. Dozens of cities around the world participate jointly in a daily photo project. Sometimes they have themes, like colors or typical breakfast, but mostly they are simply fascinating views into life in locations around the world. You could spend hours here. I couldn't find a main coordinating site but the Antigua page had a list with links. Enjoy!