Groundhog Day, Antigua style

We're getting to the point where we've fallen into a routine. Today has been the same as yesterday, pretty much. We get up around 6, get ready and leave by 7:30. We walk the 20 minutes to the school and have class until 12. After school, we do a couple of errands (get cash or go to the post office or buy paper supplies for making flashcards). Then we eat lunch and stammer our way through ordering and paying and thanking. We visit some sights or stores and return home to take a siesta (love that!) and study and read. Our hosts have tea with something yummy around 5, then eat dinner at 8 or 9. Then more reading + bed. Rinse, repeat.

I'm finding it particularly hard to operate in solely present tense. I'm aware that at the restaurant everything I say is very zen-sounding--so in the moment. "I eat soup please" or "you accept the credit cards?" or "I finish the food." I'm awaiting the day (maybe not this trip?) where I can say "Yes we are finished and we would like some dessert. The food was terrific." Today almost did cartwheels when my spanish teacher started teaching me the "I am going to..." sentence structure. Suddenly I have a future I can talk about!

Today more views of the school:

Que le vaya bien!