A week of firsts

First day of school...
you can tell the girls leave really early in the a.m.
because my camera didn't like the low early morning light.
Or maybe it was just that my eyes were bleary and blurry.
And my hand shook.

Other firsts this week:
  • Maddy got her ears pierced
  • Sam volunteered to be dunked in the town's family fun festival dunking booth (unfortunately, no photo evidence)
  • First day of high school for Lauren. She adores it so far.
  • First time we weren't aware of a school photo date. Poor Lauren, caught unawares for her freshman yearbook photo. I'm sure it will be beautiful but when you're 14 you like to have warning about these kinds of things. To consider the hair, the outfit.
  • First day of middle school for Maddy, complete with changing classes! And lockers!
  • First time I lost my laptop computer (the lovely Clementine) at school...then I proceeded to do it two more times this week. And lose my cell phone. Both are found again but what the? I think my brain's overloaded, maybe?
  • First time I am teaching a university class lab section all by myself (and I'm actually teaching two!). Scary and fun.
  • First time the three kids are in three different schools. Imagine the forms and the PTA guilt.
  • First time I was exhausted on Sunday because my daughter was out late on Saturday. Now we really do feel old.