Show and Tell Wednesday

It's Wednesday, my favorite day, and I feel like some show and tell. So here's a look at another corner of my world, one of my favorite rooms & where I tend to head when I have some time. We made one of the bedrooms into a project room for everyone (but when the kids are at school it's mine! all mine!).

We call this room the studio,
which is really kind of pretentious
but it makes me feel all creative and writerly
so that's what we call it.

Here's where we keep all the supplies:
paper, stickers, markers, photos, stamps, etc.
The kids do homework here or cut up paper into tiny, tiny bits.
They love it but they're not all that great at cleaning them up.
(I picked them up today so Stie wouldn't feel compelled to fly across the
country and vacuum them all up. Hey...that's a good idea!)
Pictures leaning on the walls because
I can't actually decide where to put them
but they make me happy the way they are.

We got a couple of round tables
so the kids could do homework cafe-style
or leave out a game of chess or scrabble.
The wall over there will hold a big bulletin board.
Once I decide which fabric to use to cover it. Sigh. Decisions.

Here's my desk.
(Hi neighbors!)

my creative sister made the photo mosaic of me and my parents
from a childhood picture taken in Peru
I love this photo of Sam and pumpkins

a small wooden tray
holding a jumble of photos and postcards and quotes I love

Stack of books I love
because I'm trying my hand at writing stories
and sometimes I just need to be reminded how the masters do it
Paper box holding paper clips, etc.
Glass of water because I'm shunning Diet Coke
from my life right now. Sadly.

Work counters, white tables, chair, lamp, rug, and desk from Ikea. Other things just picked up here and there.