in England a few years ago

He's wide open and reserved, driven and gentle, disciplined and spontaneous, funny and smart. He volunteers to coach more teams than he has time for and every single teammate (especially his own kids) adores him. He has a way with teenagers that lets them know they're loved & accepted and capable of reaching higher expectations. Although he's a fantastic corporate attorney, he has the heart of a high school social studies teacher (and a secret wish to be one).

He has a weakness for southern barbecue pulled pork sandwiches, Volkswagen vanagons, vintage convertible Mustangs, spy novels, open chip bags in the pantry, and (somehow) me. He listens like no one I know (take that, Mars and Venus!). He speaks English and Danish and Russian and can interpret my own mixed signals. He's Joseph and George Bailey and Atticus Finch rolled up into one good man.

He's 41. And, remarkably, he's mine.

in NYC 2007

Happy Birthday, G.