Columbus, we really like your day

After getting all of our have-to-do list done this morning (statistics for me, homework for the girls, flopping around and bored moaning for Sam), we headed east for a chilly but lovely hour at Wingaersheek beach just outside of Gloucester (by the way {helpful Boston insider info}: pronounced glaw-ster, not glou-cest-er).

We figured it was the least we could do on Columbus Day; since he traveled all that way to our shores we could do the same. Yes, I got carried away with photos. (In fact, we also made a movie with MORE photos if these 21 photos aren't enough...)

So that was the best part of the weekend (even though we missed Greg, who had to work today) along with a nice day out with Greg on Friday when the kids were at school.

The worst part? Coming home from that Friday date and finding that Louie got out of his gate, got into the Halloween face paint and smeared it all over our sofas and rug. And then had the nerve to have two days of diarrhea.  Grrrr.