Another Bit of Silliness...

The Muppet Show was big at our house. Big. Every Saturday night, with the smells of supper coming from the next room, the oompa theme song would start and we would all come running. I remember lying on our red-shag-carpet-covered floor in front of the TV with my feet tucked under the tv stand, my brothers and sister next to me.    Matt in particular adored the Muppet Show and for years he was given Kermits for his collection, which is what we do in our family: find out what someone likes and then give them so many that it becomes a collection. And then he said "I'm 32 years old. Please stop giving me Kermits."  So we did.  

I liked Kermit, tolerated Miss Piggy (what did he see in her? I always wondered), thought Fozzy Bear was pretty funny. But I REALLY loved Beeker. And the Swedish Chef. {For some reason the Swedish Chef's line "the flem is okey-dokey" made it into our sibling repertoire of funnies for years.}  So when I came across a few clips, I decided it must be Beeker (and Swedish Chef) Appreciation Day.  At least in my little universe.

First, a little tutorial on making doughnuts. Ever wonder how they got the holes?:

And a rare trio--S. Chef, Monster, and Beeker, each with their own special interpretation:

What's better than Beeker? Six of him, singing Ode to Joy:

Finally, he speaks!  And apparently the important message he has for us is...
they were all yellow (someone edited this clip to fit the Coldplay song)

It's a lot of Beeker in one dose, I know.  But there's nothing like a bit of silliness to get the weekend rolling. Happy Friday!