Saturday Afternoon Live

Take two mildly bored kids + one long weekend + a fondness for mysteries + a dash of Monty Python = this kind of wacky but fairly entertaining Five Minute Mystery (the first little bit is fuzzy and then it gets better).

My take away observations:
  1. my kids choose the least attractive spots of our house for their filming locations (I mean really, kids, the basement rec room--dumpy and it DOES smell--and storage room?)
  2. our camera cannot handle action genre films
  3. Louie the dog does not like it when you pretend to kill one of our household members (good to know)
  4. we don't have very much food in our food storage...I'll have to work on that.
  5. left to their own devices, two mildly bored kids can come up with some good stuff (I only helped do the titles later but they filmed it all without any help)
  6. "make believe" play becomes acceptable again for preteens when there's a camera involved
  7. it's very disturbing to hear your son say "sleep well my dead girl..." in a Hannibal Lector voice.  I had to take it was too creepy.
  8. there's a hole in the ceiling is my very favorite part, complete with an accent of some sort