Everyday life: Tuesday/Wednesday edition

I'm enjoying the chance to look around and capture everyday moments this week.  Even if it's boring for everyone else, it will be nice to have it recorded for posterity :).  Clockwise from top left: Sam reading~ Louie enjoying his daily peanut butter treat~Young Women campfire last night~ toast and cocoa breakfast on a cold rainy morning~waiting for Sam outside of his piano lessons (with my ipod and library books)~stop sign I drive past every day~our neighborhood library~driving home from Cambridge~dinner prep: Lauren and Maddy setting table~and (center) the usual backpack and shoes drop-off spot (though this is just Sam's contribution so, imagine if you will, this times 3).

This week has kind of been a rollercoaster.  For you, too?  Even though I keep telling him not to, G keeps checking our 401K balance sheet and phones me from work with the grim updates. It makes me sad. And frustrated. Then my interview went great and they offered me the teaching job. So I will be teaching a human development class at Boston University next semester.  Wahoo!  Then I got an email the next morning that, due to the economy, BU has instituted a hiring freeze.  Boo. I'm waiting to see if that affects my plans. Que sera, sera, right? At the same time, we are really excited about a Christmas trip we are planning in lieu of giving each other presents.  I love looking forward to a trip.  We have already bought our tickets but the economy rollercoaster takes a little of shine off of the travel anticipation. Then, at the end of the day when everyone's home and we're all together and just reading on the couch or having dinner, I feel better.  We're healthy, we're relatively happy, we try hard. 

See what I mean? Roller coaster. 

So every time I go through the intersection right by our house, I see the stop sign in the picture above and smile.  Usually I'm not a big fan of graffiti but this one cheers me up.  What kind of graffitti-er paints encouraging messages?  An out-of-work Hallmark card writer?  A rogue life coach gone off the deep end? Don't stop believing (or b-levn), guys!