Dear future Annie,

This is a letter of hope to the February-May Annie of any given year, something to cling to in the bitter dreary months when it feels like spring should come but it waits until June...those months when I question "why?why?WHY do we live in New England again?"...when I start looking through job listings in hopes of finding a great corporate law position for Greg in San Diego.  Or Washington DC. Or pretty much anywhere in the lower 44 states.

Hang in there, future (and, no doubt, depressed) Annie.  This is why you live here. Remember? (Well, this and the fact that it's where G has a job and we have set up our lives.)

Love, contented October Annie
^the center of town
^the church where Sam's preschool met

^Maddy's favorite lunch spot
^the town library, where Lauren loves to meet friends

^a fun Halloween decorated house
^one of my favorite trees, down the street from our house
LOVE this house (notice the Red Sox scoreboard above the porch? How great is that?)
^cemetery in the center of town

beautiful stone carving on the gravestone
^This is the house I drool over.
Our realtor said a crazy old lady lives there.
With goats. Inside. And piles of newspaper.
It recently got painted. Maybe they'll be selling?
(but, alas, I won't be buying...
you can get it and invite me over)

Speaking of which,
my friends and family,
shouldn't you be here, too?
You can always make plans for next year...
we love guests!