My little politico

Maddy and me on my bed
watching the VP debate 
(sorry...grainy MacBook photobooth camera)

If there is a debate or a political convention on, Maddy is there with bells on.  Truly (although not literally.  No bells are actually worn on her person).  Four years ago, when she was 8, Maddy watched both the Democratic and Republican conventions, asking us questions all the way through, trying to unravel the mysteries of the political process. Where did this girl come from?  If you ask her what she wants to study when she goes to college, she will tell you she'd like to double major in history and political science, maybe studying the history of politics. There was a time she wanted to run for president someday but she has since decided that she's not interested in that kind of scrutiny.  Too bad...I would love to see those spunky sparkly red shoes in the White House.

In her honor I want to remind you to make sure you are registered to vote. In some states the deadline is THIS WEEK.  Make sure you are eligible to make your voice heard in November. Okay? 

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