Everyday life--weekend (and last) edition

Last installation of everyday photos from my week-in-our-life photo project. 
Brrrr. It was cold around here.  The good news, the silver lining? 
Fireplace fire time.  Mmmm...cozy.

Clockwise from top left:  1.we hosted all the youth from church (I'm the new Young Women's president) to come watch General Conference on our makeshift "big screen" (=white sheet and a borrowed projector) for the traditional "pizza conference" Saturday morning session.  2. the chess board came out for a duel to the deathmatch between the two boys of the family.  3.  Maddy in her football-game-watching get-up on Friday night.  Note the earrings crafted from black-and-white striped paper clips.  4. I love me a good fire  5.  sausage, eggs, and the New York Times on Sunday morning  6. Greg and son, battling it out chess-style (Sam won)