Alternate reality, part 2

I was a graduate school baby, born in New York City when my parents were living there while my dad went to NYU.  There's a great family story about their arrival there, fresh from Utah and pretty newly married.  They were looking for an apartment, walking around the city and checking things out. One street looked especially promising. And there was a sign for an available studio apartment!  I think the conversation went something like this:

"This looks kind of nice."
"Yes (hesitant, looking with a critical eye), but it's on a busy street." 
"Well, it is kind of nice to be close to a park."
"That's true. Maybe we could get used to the noise."
"Should we go in and ask?"

So they did.  And were stunned by the rent amount the amused doorman quoted.
The address? Park Avenue across from Central Park!!!
I love the hearing about the charming, young naivete of my now seasoned and well traveled parents :)

Maybe it's because part of my heart is still in NYC but I love to read about people living there.  To live vicariously. Maybe in a parallel universe I would be younger, graduating from Juilliard, attending Fashion Week and the US Open, finding spontaneous fun around the city.  Just like Naomi and her cute husband living the newlywed life in the big apple.  I love this spontaneous dance fest she and her friends staged when they saw a cool painted van (more here). Everyone needs a good dancing posse who will embrace a moment like this (Naomi's the one with the long hair): 

Or maybe in yet another alternate reality I would be working on Broadway, having fabulous times with my actor friends (some of them famous) and embracing the city life like beautiful Natalie, a member of the cast of Grease.  

I really am happy with my own set of circumstances and life. But it's fun to know someone's living those other dreams, anyway.  

* * * 

Do you have a favorite vicarious living blog?