Boo! review

Usually we carve pumpkins earlier in Halloween week 
but this year we "saved it" 
(read = I never got my act together) 
until Halloween afternoon. 
This meant only three of the five of us were there.  
Which is why it looks like I only have two children.

Sam, bless his soul, crafted his costume on his own 
using things we already had on hand.
He went trick-or-treating with two of his friends,
(plus all the dads).

Maddy and her friends established many weeks ago 
that they would go together as a theme: angels and devils.
(Remember seventh grade is high pack mentality age?)
She went trick-or-treating around our neighborhood
with two of her friends, stopping here
to dump off candy midway.

Lauren is in the pep band and they had a football game tonight 
where they played.  But they wore their costumes and,
according to L, had an "amazing" time
(this is the most common adjective she uses right now)
I made her pose for this late tonight when she came home.
Hence the sleepy eyes.

It was a beautiful, starry night.
60 degrees.
I'm guessing we had around 300 trick-or-treaters.
(I ran out of candy and
 had to raid the kids' candy haul at the end there.)

The night was not without drama.
(Remember 7th grade is ripe with drama?)
A couple of hours before trick-or-treating time,
Maddy's friends called and informed her they were no longer going as devils.
Instead, they were going as Sarah Palins.
Maddy was disappointed that the theme was (so arbitrarily) broken
but she rose to the occasion and  handled it graciously.
Like a good angel should.